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Technology CPA Accounting

cyber security

Cyber Security

Stay focused on running your business while we oversee your accounting and bookkeeping.

software development

Software Development

Accounting solutions that will empower you to track expenses and keep projects on budget.

technology consultants

Technology Consultants

While you serve clients, we'll deliver the reporting you need to keep your business running smoothly.

facilities management

IT Services

Comprehensive accounting solutions and tax strategies for busy IT service companies.

facilities maintenance

Facilities Maintenance

We'll bring clarity to your finances so you can identify trends and eliminate unnecessary expenses.


Cloud Services

Our CPA firm will keep your books organized so you can see where your money is going.

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Game Developers

While you run your gaming business, we'll help oversee your accounting and bookkeeping.

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Data Processing

Accounting solutions and tax strategies you can trust and designed for data processing businesses.

facilities maintenance


Our accounting solutions are informed by our experience working with the eCommerce industry.

CPA Accounting and Tax

As a technology company, you’re shaping the future with new innovations. Remove financial obstacles that could hold you back by adding Sexton & Schnoll to your team. Our CPA firm specializes in powerful tax strategies and creative accounting solutions for the technology industry. The personalized support we supply extends beyond routine accounting services to proactive tax planning, detailed cash flow analysis, and innovative profit improvement techniques. We'll provide the tools and advice you need to successfully manage risk and navigate the rising costs of development to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Together, we'll help you develop a strong organization that increases in value.

Our exceptional guidance and support will fortify your business with measurable results you’ll see in your bottom line. Call us at 352-336-1001 now to learn more or request an initial consultation through our website.

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